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Grow productivity by acknowledging it

Climbing a latterExample: For the last month, your salaried assistant has worked 55 hours a week to learn and implement a new system that supports your sales team, and one of your District Managers has surpassed his goals. You would like to acknowledge both of them appropriately.

Everyone blooms when you give them attention. Don't wait for the Annual Awards Dinner to acknowledge your leaders! This is a colossal opportunity to put your dedicated top performers in the spotlight, to showcase their commitment to your company and its goals, and to position them as mentors.

Their behavior, attitudes, and performance will be the most effective business tool you have to establish a benchmark, and to sustain your expectations. And many other employees are bound to try to win your attention by following in your leaders' footsteps.

Catch employees doing something right, and we can help you reward them immediately!

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