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As one of California's largest and most successful privately held mortgage lenders, Dana Capital Group has a lot riding on our employees - the people whose talent, hard work and loyalty have driven our company's tremendous growth. Specifically, our retail network of over 1,100 members nationwide has been integral to our success. Thanks to their dedication, Dana Capital Group already closed over $2 billion in loan volume in 2004 as of mid-September, three months ahead of schedule.

We wanted to reward our top 10% of performers, which consists of 100 employees, since we believe that recognition and appreciation play important roles in keeping them motivated and productive. Specifically, we felt that repetitive or consecutive gifts are the most effective way to demonstrate appreciation. So when I found Elite Corporate Gifts & Rewards, it was exactly the type of corporate incentive program I was looking for. Their programs offer multiple rewards over time, instead of a one-time gift that is easily forgotten.

The products were all on par with the level of sophistication we were looking for in a reward, hand selected for their high quality and distinction.

The flexibility of the program was also a huge benefit. Dana Capital Group purchased a six-shipment program that alternated between three different gifts. Each of our recipients received two cheese, two wine and two chocolate shipments. They were also shipped directly to each of the 100 employees for added convenience. Our team has been thrilled with their gifts, and it's obvious that it's made a positive impact on satisfaction and motivation levels.

We have had an excellent experience with Elite Corporate Gifts and Rewards in every aspect, including quality, cost and flexibility. We definitely intend to continue using their programs in our future employee incentive and recognition initiatives.

Quentin Caruana
Executive Vice President
Dana Capital Group

Our business model requires that we build strong relationships with our general contractors as they are both customers and ultimately business partners. We were therefore very interested in a loyalty program that was both memorable and repetitive. We liked the flexibility of the I-gift program as it allowed us to simply tell our contractors that they were going to receive one gourmet shipment a month for the next year and that they only needed to contact Elite to specify which products they wanted to receive and in what order.

All were quite satisfied. Many chose the beer line as we expected, but quite a few went for wine, cheese and chocolate as well. Most combined lines. The program unquestionably generated a fair amount of excitement and served its purpose of helping us to build solid relationships.

With the success of the contractor loyalty program, we are now working on an in-house sales incentive program to complement our existing bonus program for our reps that will enable them to receive an I-gifts shipment throughout the year if they achieve quarterly objectives.

Scott Musgrave
Digital Streets, Inc.

As a telco solution provider, a substantial portion of our business is driven by referral and although we've never had to proactively drive referral business to maintain healthy growth, when we did, the results were impressive.

We combined our existing holiday gifting program with a referral program and actually kept to our existing gifting program budget by shipping gifts every third month throughout the year. We let our customers pick which items they wanted to receive and sent them four gifts over the course of the year. We then had all six items shipped to our office on the months that we were shipping them to our customers and shared each product with our customer relations reps so that they'd have something to talk about when they touched base each quarter. A few simple questions at the end of the call accounted for roughly 25-30 leads each quarter which we were quite pleased with as we were spending the money on our gifting program anyway.

Overall, our customers and our reps have been very impressed with the quality of the products sent. I'd have to say it's been the most creative and fun gifting program we've ever implemented.

Brent James
Corporate Communications

As a full-service advertising, public relations, and promotions agency, our employees each work with many different clients and projects. And like many agencies, our people sometimes work long hours that often go unrecognized. We are constantly looking for ways to acknowledge and appreciate those extra efforts with something special for them.

Because our company also does a lot of work in and around the Incentives Industry, we are exposed to the latest and greatest incentive ideas and product lines. One company that has clearly jumped to the forefront in gifting and awards is Elite Corporate Gifts & Rewards™ who offer what we feel is an innovative program. We have now adapted their i-gifts™ program as our primary employee recognition tool and it is working exceptionally well.

With its six different gourmet food lines, we can give our employees both quality and variety at the same time. We have each gift drop-shipped to the employee's attention right here to our office so that all of our employees can see what a superior performance can yield. We especially like the i-gifts™ wine, cheese, chocolates and micro-brewed beer products because they are often shared (and appreciated) by everyone in the office.

Another thing we really like about the i-gifts™ program is its frequency capabilities. Depending upon the extent of their contribution, we have the option of giving someone a one-time gift, or several consecutive gifts. And probably best of all, each shipment is relatively inexpensive and doesn't break the bank every time we want to recognize an employee.

I highly recommend i-gifts™ and also plan to begin using it with some of our key corporate clients as customer appreciation gifts.

Tom Mattern, President
Marketshare +, Inc.

Having been in the real estate business for many years in the Tampa Bay area, we are constantly looking for ways to optimally recognize our buyers and sellers after a deal has closed with a quality "closing gift". In the past we have used everything from fruit baskets to restaurant gift certificates to weekend get-away trips. These were nice, but were always one-time shots.

We were recently introduced to Elite Corporate Gifts & Rewards™ and their i-gifts™ program. Because of its enormous flexibility, i-gifts™ now allows us to take our closing gifts program to a completely new level. It provides the versatility of selecting from six different gourmet food products as well as providing "multi-gifting". That is, depending upon the sales price of the home, we can select and give our buyers/sellers different gourmet gifts for 3, 6, or even 12 straight months. Elite's gift certificate program allowed our buyers/sellers to select whatever gifts they personally desired which we thought was pretty neat.

We realize the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers. The Real Estate business is truly a "referral" business and satisfied buyers and sellers are important assets to any Realtor. By sending them i-gifts™ for several months in a row, they are constantly reminded of us and are much more inclined to refer their family, friends and colleagues for their real estate needs.

I can't say enough about the professionalism and service that Elite Corporate Gifts & Rewards™ has provided. Their i-gifts™ program is perfect for us, and has certainly taken our real estate business to a new level of visibility and relationship building within our customer network.

TeamBower Realty - www.TeamBower.com
Licensed Real Estate Professionals
Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate, Inc.

As a marketing research firm, we like to demonstrate our appreciation to our key clients by providing them with unusual, hard to find gifts. We have used Elite Corporate Gifts and Rewards on several occasions and have had excellent feedback from our client executives. The Wine and Cheese gifts have been especially well received.

We would recommend looking at this company as a supplier of unique, high quality gift items for your best customers.

John Williams
The Sausalito Group

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