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Create Your Own Gift Announcements

If you’ve recently ordered through your authorized i-gifts representative, personalized corporate Gift Announcements are available that allow you to notify award recipients in several quick and convenient ways:

  1. Email your announcement: Create your customized Gift Announcement using the online program below and email it directly to your recipient. You may email it immediately or schedule it to arrive on a specific day.

  2. Print and Distribute: Create your customized announcement, print it on your office printer, and then distribute (or mail) the announcements as you wish..

Gift Announcements can be created through this page at any time, and if you are sending more than one i-gifts™ product to the same recipient, you may create any number of Gift Announcements. We can also mail Gift Announcements to your recipients or even insert them into the shipments. Please contact your authorized i-gifts representative for details .

Step 1: Select the appropriate product and choose a border color. To see how it will look, click on the image.

Cold Glasses of beer
Glasses of wine
      Gift Certificate

No Border

Step 2: Enter your name and your gift recipient's name.

Your Name, Title and Company
Recipient's Name

Step 3: Enter your personal message below.

Write your own greeting
or choose one of ours!

Enter a personal message [250 character limit]

Step 4: Enter the term, starting month and frequency for your gift.

Gift Details
Number of Shipments:
Starting Month:
Membership Type:
[Wine club only]

Step 5: [If printing an announcement, proceed to Step 6] To email your announcement, enter your email addresses twice for verification and specify when to send this announcement.

Your Email Address
Recipient's Email Address

When would like your E-Gift Announcement to arrive?

I'd like a copy of this gift card email.

Step 6: You may now preview your announcement and then edit, print or email it from the preview screen when satisfied!

Please note: In order to print your announcement without the page title and web address appearing on the page, follow these easy steps:

  1. In the upper left corner of your screen, you’ll see a menu named “File”. Select the “Page Set Up” option from the “File” drop down menu and a small pop up box will appear.

  2. Simply delete the text in the “Header” and “Footer” boxes and hit “OK”. Note: If you wish to print web page titles and web site addresses on future Internet page printouts, you’ll want to copy down the characters in each box before deleting them so that you can add them back in later.

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