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You may be surprised at how regular pats on the back can affect your entire office, division or company. Everyone likes to know you are aware of what they are doing and you appreciate their efforts and ideas. So many times we call attention to what went wrong, but forget to do the same for what went right. You don't want your employees to feel that their doing a good job is taken for granted. Don't lose opportunities to catch someone doing something well and set that behavior up as a benchmark. Our i-gift line, comprised of International Wines, Specialty Cheeses, Gourmet Chocolates, Exotic Flowers, and Microbrewed Beers, will help you to find highly personalized and effective reward ideas for everyone in your office!


When is it Appropriate to Give a Gift to an Employee?

Teamwork Gift Idea - personalized premiums idea for your staffRewarding a member of your staff needs to be associated with performance so others don't think you are showing preferential treatment. In fact, an optimum way to handle employee motivation is to create incentive programs with very clear goals and well-defined rewards.

Repetitive, ongoing rewards help in building loyal relationships with your employees and business associates. When your employees earn i-gifts TM, your top performers will be reminded of their accomplishments and skills with each shipment. Even a two-shipment program will work twice as hard for you as a one-time reward. Just think what a twelve-shipment program might do!

To recognize occasions that are more personal in nature, such as a birthday, the birth of a child, wedding or promotion, a group off peers and manager should send appropriate presents.

Keep Momentum Going by Acknowledging the Team

There are times when a team or department is responsible for some unexpected event that warrants celebration, like landing a new account that everyone expected would go to your competition. When you send them TM, you repeatedly acknowledge their heroic efforts and that builds confidence, can-do attitudes and greater productivity.

Most management consultants agree that ongoing acknowledgement is one of the best ways to motivate top performers, but how do you effectively acknowledge a team? Based on many years of experience serving a diverse group of corporations, we think that the most effective strategy is to reward each member of the team individually. In this way they truly feel acknowledged for their own contributions, and not just for being a member of the team.

Having your staff receive their gourmet rewards together at work reinforces that each member is part of a winning team. We are told that when employees receive their rewards at work, the climate is upbeat and productive. When you remind someone of their accomplishments, you give them power and confidence to meet new challenges. And to ensure that you get them something that they will really appreciate, we have created i-Certs ™ Certificates, which allow each member to choose which line suits his or her specific taste.

Unique Office Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas

Gourmet Gifting™ personalized gifts are appropriate for Christmas and holidays throughout the year. The TM gourmet product lines offer great ideas for employees, executives and business associates. They are also effective motivational rewards for your most productive workers. Whether you are buying for small business employees or corporate professionals, everyone will appreciate our gourmet selections. Many of our lines can easily be shared by both men and women in your department.


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