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Types of Incentive and Promotions

Are You Getting The Biggest BANG For Your Buck?

Repetitive Premiums such as our Employee sales incentive gifts incentive programs reinforce your message by rewarding consumers, employees and consultants with rewards that are associated with your company, over and over again. When used as a business incentive gift, they give a long-term boost to sales because they are repetitive.

We think all of our products complement any company very well since these products all are distinctive, top of the line quality, and have extraordinary pedigrees!

Group Marketing are offered by two or more sponsoring companies. For instance, MCI gives its long-distance customers frequent flyer points on American Airlines. A group rewards consumer loyalty by offering points or air miles each time you purchase their products or services. The products or services may also be the rewards. For instance, stay at a participating hotel and you get air miles and reduced rates on car rentals; fly on the participating airline and obtain air miles and reduced rates on rental cars and hotels; rent a car from a participating company and get more air miles and reduced rates at hotels. Participating companies share the costs of promotions as well as the creative input from each company.

Customer Loyalty Memberships are designed to cause incremental purchases. The discounts and rewards reinforce ongoing purchases. Some examples include: Diners Club, Costco, BJ's, Sam's, and Swatch Collectors Club (all pay-to-join); and book and music clubs which usually don't require a fee to join.

Many of our clients in fact use i-gifts business incentive gifts incentive gifts as part of a customer loyalty memberships. Every gourmet shipment that arrives reminds your customers of the benefits associated with using their membership cards. Our products are ones you would be proud to share. When friends ask: "Where did you get these incredible chocolates?" recipients will tell them all about your products!

Points Programs usually offer long term rewards and run the risk of not being very satisfying to the average person who may take years to accumulate enough points to earn a meaningful memorable reward.

Games are designed to encourage four or five repeat visits or product purchases over a short period. Participants qualify for prizes at various stages and sometimes by chance. For instance, scratch-off cards may give you a free hamburger or nothing at all. It is a way to gamble and never lose anything.

Rebate Premiums may be designed to stimulate multiple purchases of a variety of brands. The more products purchased, the greater the rebate, such as in Nabisco's Parade of Values. Other rebate premiums promote just one product. They are meant to encourage sales of a product over its competitive alternative.

Time Release incentive programs offer coupons that encourage sales over a long period of time by staggering the validity dates. If customers purchase these products several times, it could become habit or a staples.

Automatic Entry Sweepstakes... does anybody ever win? Whenever customers purchase using a credit card or an automatic teller card, their name is entered in a sweepstakes. We question the effectiveness of these type of sales incentive. Have you ever used a specific credit card because you would be entered into a contest that you would more than likely never hear about again?

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