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Ask Yourself These Important Questions

 Do my gifts say: "Only the best will do for my valued employees?"

Wine line

Gourmet Gifting™ employs consultants who are connoisseurs to choose products that are always distinctive, fit for a gourmand, and found only in the most exclusive specialty shops. In fact, many are not readily available in the U.S. and must be specially imported.

Our gourmet products offers your employee reward program gift recipients their choice of: Specialty Cheeses, Gourmet Chocolates, Fresh Cut Flowers, Fine Wines, and Microbrewed Beers. Each are elite reward and recognition product lines that make outstanding gifts. Employee reward program flowersIt may be a first for some of your staff to taste pure chocolate (no additives), blended and conched to perfection, such as truffles from Ireland and Paris, and signature products by accomplished Chocolatiers around the world. Purchase our Exotic Flower line for your most productive team member's desks to remind them of just how valued and admired they are. As their self-esteem goes up, so will their effectiveness and productivity!

Your staff and customers will relish sitting down with a fine glass of wine that has been perfected over the centuries. They will experience farmhouse cheeses, aged to perfection to acquire flavor crystals. Most of the cheeses they have enjoyed before just won't taste all that great after they've tasted our cheese selections! 

Elite reward and recognition cheeseMicrobrews are always a favorite and because the world is experiencing a renaissance in handcrafted beers, we are able to send four distinct varieties in each shipment without repeating them over the course of a long term.

Will your staff be acknowledged repeatedly to better develop loyalty, confidence, and productivity?

Consider having i-gifts™ delivered to the office to maximize the results of your incentive gifts. Your staff members will be reminded of their skills in the very place he or she needs to feel confident. Their peers will be present to enhance that feeling of accomplishment. And competition will stimulate productivity!

Can you afford the incentive gifts? Based on recent surveys perhaps the better question is: "Can you afford not to offer an Incentive?" (See Incentive Industry Facts)

You won't have to worry about the costs of following up on deliveries or answering program related questions from customers and employees. Gourmet Gifting™offers both customer service support by toll-free number and by email to your award recipients. We will handle all of your customers' and employees' needs related to any product they receive from us.

Do your competitors offer incentive, recognition or reward programs?

Make sure yours are a cut above the rest! i-gifts™ elite incentives and recognitions give your recipients the choice of exotic gifts that build loyal relationships with customers and employees. How can you measure the value of a loyal customer or employee?

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