Elite Corporate Gift ideas & Rewards

Having problems motivating your workforce, distributors and consultants? Not a problem... when you recognize what all of us have in common!

Ladder ladyIt's a given that every person has a unique set of skills, resources, and personality traits, yet when it comes to motivation, most people have a lot of common ground. We want to be appreciated and acknowledged by our leaders and our peers.

We contend that the most effective way to reward and encourage top performance is by giving recognition repeatedly over a period of time. And our i-gifts™ programs do just that. In fact, you can have them sent to the office so that every shipment becomes another acknowledgement to not only reinforce your top performers' confidence, but also to remind coworkers of the kind of achievement that gets your attention.

And by giving i-gifts™ programs, it's easy to reward many different performance levels, and acknowledge each employee's 'personal best.' Everyone likes to feel special, and we all value gifts that are usually reserved for privileged people. Our i-gifts™ programs pamper your employees with gifts that appeal to gourmands and connoisseurs. They will experience unsurpassed handcrafted products from all over the world - Specialty Cheeses, Gourmet Chocolates, Exotic Floral Arrangements, International Wines, and the world's best Microbrewed Beers.

Take a minute to explore the useful information in this section as it will surely help you in creating powerful, effective Incentive and Reward programs.

i-gifts Program Benefits
Here, we explore several reasons why an i-gifts™ program offers so much more than traditional incentive or customer care programs.

Incentive Strategies
Use this section as a checklist to make sure you have covered all of your bases to develop the most effective incentive or reward programs possible.

Corporate Incentive Program Types
Here, you'll find some ideas to assist you creating incentive Award and reward programs.

Choosing Corporate Incentive Gifts & Rewards
This is a comprehensive list of key questions to ask yourself before you commit to any program. It can also be used as an effective checklist.

Industry Facts
If you don't have the time to read all of your business magazines and you would like to know the latest statistics about the cost to benefit ratio of incentive and reward programs, this is a must-read.

Corporate Gifting Tips
You will discover effective solutions and valuable ideas that you can turn into profits by reading this section. Use this material to deliver an excellent training seminar that will inspire your sales staff!

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