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i-gifts™ Programs Add Significant Benefits!

Each i-gifts™ program can be easily tailored to each individual's preferences and their level of excellence. And they offer hefty benefits that you can't get from any other kind of program!

Dart boardRepetitive Acknowledgement. Your top performers are reminded of their accomplishments and skills with each i-gifts™ shipment, and we all know that it takes repetitive acknowledgement to change behavior. Repetition reinforces their confidence and ultimately their productivity, so that hitting the mark gets easier and easier. Even a two-shipment program works twice as hard for you as other "one-time" incentive gifts. Think what a twelve-shipment annual program might do!

Solid Relationships. Relationship management is definitely improved by incentive programs that demonstrate ongoing appreciation and recognition. i-gifts™ programs help you to build solid, loyal relationships with your achievers. And you won't incur the costs of loosing their productivity to a competitor or training their replacements!

Budget Flexibility. We deliver i-gifts™ shipments on whatever frequency works best for your budget and your marketing plan... monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or however you prefer. Your employees may customize their gift by choosing several products and alternating the deliveries, e.g. beer first month, wine second month, cheese the third, and so on.

People toasting their glassesGourmet Rewards. Many go out of their way to tell us how encouraging and satisfying it is to come home from a difficult day at work to find a special treat... a pat on the back. It's an elevating experience to be recognized by gifts, that in centuries past, were only available for the very wealthy and nobility. Lexus asserts that by driving their cars it changes who you are. When you sit down to enjoy outstanding Boutique Wines and Specialty Cheeses crafted for centuries with secret ingredients and aged for years in European caves... you do feel special, and that repetitive acknowledgement does change how you feel about yourself.

Based On Individual Growth. Your entire workforce can easily be motivated by recognizing each person's "personal best" relative to their past performance. Simply adjust the number of i-gifts™ shipments sent relative to the percent of increased performance.

Personalized Acknowledgement. You can show your accomplished employees that they are valued as individuals, as well as for their productivity, by including a personal note along with their Gift Announcement.


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