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Exceptional performance deserves acknowledgement, which in turn, encourages additional outstanding achievements. And your clients and customers will associate both your services and/or products with the warm feelings they experience as they receive exceptional gourmet gifts.

Relationship building has so much to do with any company's success. So give them the gift of experiencing full flavored handcrafted beers, chosen from microbreweries and brewpubs around the world, and each time they sit down to enjoy a brew, they'll think of your recognition and appreciation.

What do recipient's receive in each shipment?
Your gift recipients will experience today's best, handcrafted international and domestic microbrews without having to travel the world to find them. They'll sample professionally selected beers that are unsurpassed in variety, quality, and freshness. Each shipment includes twelve 12-oz. beers from two different lightly distributed international and two different domestic breweries [four different beer styles total, three bottles of two different international beers and three bottles of two different domestic beers]. Each shipment also includes our comprehensive, four-page newsletter so that they'll be able to read all about the beers they've enjoyed, how they were made, and the breweries that crafted them.

We focus on rare, hard-to-find beers that aren't widely distributed, so your recipients will have the opportunity to try beers that normally aren't found in their local markets. Recipients may also reorder their favorite beers at discounted prices. Click here to see examples of some of the handcrafted beers we have recently shipped.

How much does it cost?
For current pricing information, please contact your local Authorized i-gifts Representative.

How are Microbrewed beers different?
During the last fifteen years, the art of brewing beer has changed dramatically, especially in the United States. Full-flavored, handcrafted microbrews are the most exciting thing that's happened to the beer industry in decades, but they're actually not new. Prior to Prohibition in early twentieth-century America, there were thousands of local breweries in the U.S. Now, nearly one hundred years after a mass consolidation of regional breweries resulted in the disappearance of many beer styles, we're experiencing a beer renaissance!

American and imported microbrewed beers have distinctive flavors, colors, and aromas, and, by definition, are produced in small quantities. Many of the recipes have evolved over time and from a variety of cultures, and some are the result of new and creative interpretations by a new generation of Brewmasters.

How are the microbrews selected?
With the assistance of our evaluation panel of certified beer judges, we select premium beers from literally thousands of international and U.S. microbreweries and brewpubs. Twice a month, our experts taste and rate each prospective beer on several points. Sounds like a great job, doesn't it? But it's not as wonderful as you might think... they've sampled some of our country's worst beers so that your award recipients don't have to! Our criteria are strict, and our panel is tough. Less than 25% of the beers we rate make it to our short list for consideration as a featured microbrew.

We pride ourselves on our uncompromising selection process, and we've built our name and reputation on the quality and consistency that our beer panel guarantees.

What styles of beers do you send?
Our focus has always been on offering quality, freshness, and variety. Over the years, we've featured countless pale ales, porters, bocks, India pale ales, pilsners, oatmeal stouts, chocolate stouts, scotch ales, English special bitters, Belgian ales, oktoberfests, hefeweizens, altbiers, amber ales, Irish red ales, weizenbocks, lambics, barley wines, wheat ales, spiced holiday ales, and many, many more! You won't find a better variety anywhere.

What is the newsletter all about?
Each i-gifts™ shipment is accompanied by an informative newsletter focused on the specific beers we've featured. It describes how each was made, what qualities set them apart, what to look for when you taste them, and what foods to serve with them. You'll find articles about the breweries and brewmasters and listings of beer festivals throughout the year. Many editions include recipes that make use of the featured microbrews, beer trivia, and special interest articles contributed by noted industry writers. Click here to see a sample newsletter.

Do you send a Gift Announcement to each recipient?
Absolutely. We offer several solutions. Custom gift announcements may be generated and either emailed on a pre specified date or printed from this web site. Printed Gift Announcements can then be mailed by us to your gift recipient before the first shipment arrives, or we can send them directly to you if you prefer to deliver them personally yourself.


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