Chocolate of the month clubRare is the person who doesn't consider the gift of chocolate to be a special treat, and we offer the best chocolates in the world!

Whether you are stimulating natural competitive instincts by offering rewards, or acknowledging exceptional performance, or building customer relationships, when you give extraordinary gourmet chocolates, you're sending a message - "You're important and only the best will do!"

Repetition reinforces feelings of appreciation for both customers and employees, and results in increased allegiance, confidence, and productivity, so that hitting the mark gets easier and easier. Even a two-month membership works twice as hard for you as other "one-time" gifts. Imagine what a six month gift, delivered over the course of a year might do!

What do recipient's receive in each shipment?
We feature a different extraordinary, world-class chocolate product in each shipment. Our selections come from all over the world and include many different kinds of foods--exotic spiced truffles and unusual confections like Chocolami (an Italian chocolate and hazelnut log), a variety of Belgian Dark Chocolate Brownies, and fudge made by Benedictine monks. Each shipment shares the same four characteristics: each chocolatier is renowned for their product, the product has a limited distribution, the product is made with the highest quality chocolate and other ingredients, and the product is usually created only days before we ship it.

In addition to the chocolate, your recipients will receive a four-page newsletter that includes detailed information about the chocolate they receive. Click here to see examples of some of the gourmet chocolate products we have recently shipped.

How much does it cost?
For current pricing information, please contact your local Authorized i-gifts Representative.

How are the chocolate selections chosen?
Selecting our products takes time and a lot of care. We retain Zingerman's® and their team of experts to seek out boutique chocolate companies throughout the world. Zingerman's® buyers have been traveling the world since 1982 in search of fine chocolates, cheeses, and other deli products.

Featured chocolatiers are chosen for their creativity and dedication to quality. Each has been repeatedly acknowledged in their industry, but, often, their products have very limited distribution. Your recipients will sample a large range of tastes created from secret cocoa bean blends, closely guarded roasting and conching techniques, and each chocolatier's individual interpretations.

What kinds of chocolates do you send?
Making fine chocolate is truly an art form, and our featured chocolate selections are about as far away from mass-produced chocolates (which are often made with animal fat fillers and very little chocolate) as you could possibly imagine. We include many kinds of chocolate products in our monthly selections: a large variety of truffles and cremes, Chocolamie and other novelties, Rabitos figs and other fruit and chocolate confections, exotic brownies, fudge, fondue, chocolate breads and shortbreads, and more. Every year, we feature a different lineup of chocolate products. Click here to see examples of some of the gourmet chocolate products we have recently shipped.

What is the newsletter all about?
Each i-gifts shipment is accompanied by an informative newsletter focused on the featured product. Your recipients will learn about each chocolatier and about how their creations are crafted. The newsletter also includes articles about related topics, such as what makes one chocolate so much tastier than another, how cacao beans are transformed into chocolate, and the differences between the varieties of cacao beans. Click here here to see a sample newsletter:

Do you send a Gift Announcement to each recipient?
Absolutely. We offer several solutions. Custom gift announcements may be generated and either emailed on a pre specified date or printed from this web site. Printed Gift Announcements can then be mailed by us to your gift recipient before the first shipment arrives, or we can send them directly to you if you prefer to deliver them personally yourself.


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