Flower clubShow your clients and employees how much you appreciate them by giving them an i-gifts Exotic Flower shipment. Every bouquet that graces the table of an appreciated customer or business associate validates your sincerity.

Our bouquets of professionally selected, freshly cut flowers last longer than most shipped flowers because they bypass the traditional stopovers at wholesalers and flower shops.You can count on a highly valued reward or gift when you send flowers such as Red Sonja Orchids from Thailand, Sarah Bernhardt Peonies from New Zealand, or La Reve Oriental Lilies!

What do recipient's receive in each shipment?
We assemble breathtaking bouquets made up of several flower species and greenery in each i-gifts Exotic Flower shipment . Your recipients will receive spectacular bouquets that will vary greatly from shipment to shipment. We always feature a primary species, and then other flowers and greens are chosen to complement it. The majority of the flowers in each arrangement arrive as buds that are ready to bloom when placed in warm water.

Your recipients will also receive a four-page newsletter, a one page overview of the best way to care for their flowers, and two packages of flower food to help extend the vase life of their bouquets. Click here to see examples of some of the exotic flower arrangements we have recently shipped.

How much does it cost?
For current pricing information, please contact your local Authorized i-gifts Representative.

How are the flowers selected?
We leave that up to our experts. We have retained several consultants who, collectively, have more than 60 years experience in all aspects of the floral industry. They know which hybrids are sought after for their exotic beauty and fragrance, and they know when and where to purchase them. With their counsel, we choose flowers that travel well and are known to have a long vase life.

Our floral designer chooses the flowers and greens that complement the featured flowers and writes a column in the newsletter to give your recipients ideas for dramatic arrangements. The flower markets offer several levels of quality for each species. Our experts are charged with the responsibility of purchasing only the very best quality of each species we have selected, ensuring the most sensational blooms.

What types of flowers do you send?
Our consultants help us to select seasonal flowers so that we can send your recipients the best quality examples of each species and an abundant bouquet. During the year, your recipients can expect to receive several kinds of magnificent orchids which will last for several weeks, exotic lilies with huge blooms and overwhelming fragrances, alluring New Zealand peonies, several varieties of the mysterious Proteas, and so much more. And, there are always complementary flowers and greens included. Your recipients will have everything they need for a stunning, long-lasting bouquet. Click here to see examples of past shipments.

What is the newsletter all about?
The four-page newsletter always focuses on the specific flower species that we have shipped. Your recipients will learn all about associated legends, the origination of the species, the optimum growing conditions, and where and how the flowers are grown. And, sometimes, we include fascinating histories about associated holidays or about the area in which a flower flourishes. Click here to see a sample newsletter .

Do you send a Gift Announcement to each recipient?
Absolutely. We offer several solutions. Custom gift announcements may be generated and either emailed on a pre specified date or printed from this web site. Printed Gift Announcements can then be mailed by us to your gift recipient before the first shipment arrives, or we can send them directly to you if you prefer to deliver them personally yourself.


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