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Cheese ClubBreak the gift-giving mold and get results by giving internationally selected boutique wines. Your recipients will discover products from classic wine-producing regions, such as Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Sonoma, as well as hard to find wines from newly discovered regions in Chile, Australia, Hungary, New Zealand, and more. You can select two reds, two whites, or one of each, and each shipment is accompanied by our comprehensive newsletter.

Your fortunate recipients will be impressed and delighted as they explore singular, distinctive, and often difficult to acquire wines from lightly distributed vintages. Every time they uncork a bottle, their tasting experiences will remind them of how special you think they are.

What do recipient's receive in each shipment?
The i-gifts International Wine line lets you experience the world's finest wines without having to travel the world to find them. Our focus is on top quality, lightly distributed and hard-to-find US and International wines. Each shipment will introduce your recipients to two different varieties--one red and one white. However, they may request reds or whites only. Each wine is accompanied by a two-page newsletter, and members may purchase additional bottles at discounted prices. Click here to see examples of some of the international wines we have recently shipped.

How much does it cost?
For current pricing information, please contact your local Authorized i-gifts Representative.

How are the wines selected?
We retain the services of Don Lahey, an acknowledged author, educator, and consultant, to oversee the process of selecting our wines. A former wine importer, syndicated columnist, and self-proclaimed wine enthusiast, Don's career in wine spans more than 25 years. He manages our wine-tasting panels, ferrets out interesting, worthy wines, and writes the information sheets about each wine we ship.

When choosing wines, Don looks for honest representations of place of origin, the best quality, and wines that are unquestionably unique. He draws on feedback from two different groups of tasters to discern selections that are both extraordinary and rare. The groups include professional tasters and a wide gamut of wine enthusiasts--from neophytes to serious amateur collectors. Each nominated wine undergoes the scrutiny of a core panel of tasters. Only the top 10% ever make it to the second panel, which can often include as many as thirty or more serious tasters.

What sets us apart?
While many similar services exist for the sole purpose of promoting wines from one country and "creating brands," we are committed to offering a wide variety of premium, bona fide estate bottled wines that offer our members wines of superior quality and value. We are dedicated to sending truly unique wines that reflect their origins and their natural ingredients, in addition to mirroring the dedication and personality of their proprietors.

Most domestic retail outlets obtain their wines through distributors who purchase wines in large quantities; therefore, many award-winning boutique vineyards are overlooked. We take pride in introducing the fruits of vintners who have carefully watched over their family's reputation and heritage and who are focused on quality, rather than quantity. Click here to see examples of some of the international wines we have recently shipped.

What is the accompanying newsletter all about?
The objective of the newsletter is to be educational and informative in a lighthearted manner. Each wine that we send comes with a two-page write up that introduces the recipients to the vintners, their heritage, and the distinguishing factors about each vineyard and wine. Tasting notes describe what to look for when sampling each wine, and an accompaniments section offers suggested food pairings for each wine. Sometimes, additional articles related to wine appreciation are included, but the main focus of each newsletter is always the specific wines we have shipped. Click here to see a sample newsletter.

Do you send a Gift Announcement to each recipient?
Absolutely. We offer several solutions. Custom gift announcements may be generated and either emailed on a pre-specified date or printed from this web site. Printed Gift Announcements can then be mailed by us to your gift recipient before the first shipment arrives, or we can send them directly to you if you prefer to deliver them personally yourself.


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