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This Year's i-gifts Exotic Flower Shipments
Please click the links below for more information on each specific i-gifts exotic flower shipment.

  January     July
  Red Torch Parakeet Heliconias
Black Tea Leaves
Song of India
Tri Color Hala Leaves
Large Red Anthuriums
Medium Purple Anthuriums

    Mokara Orchids
Lemon Leaf
Tri Color Hala Leaves
Italian Ruskus

  February     August
  Red Sonja Orchids
Candy Stripe Orchids
Israeli Ruscus
Bear Grass
    Medium Anthuriums
Tri Color Hala Leaves
Black Tea Leaves

  March     September
  Red Ginger
Birds of Paradise
Parakeet Haliconia
Tea Leaves
Tri Color Hala Leaves
    Acupulco Lillies
Green Amoranthis
Bells of Ireland

  April     October
  Red Beldfire Pincushion Protea
Yellow Beldfire Pincushion Protea
Pink Latfolia Protea
Curley Willow
Tri Color Hala Leaves
Palm Frond
    Pink Ice Latifollia Protea
Safari Sunset Protea
Millet Wheat

  May     November
  La Reve Oriental Lillies (Pink & white)
White Freesia
Variegated White & Pink Wax Flowers
Ruskus Greens
    Yellow Sunflowers
Orange Lillies
Yellow Vyron Daisy Mums
True blue Eucalyptus

  June     December
  Cymbidium Spray
Red Sonja Orchids
Bear Grass
Tri Color Hala Leaves
    New Zealand Pink Peonies
Deep Pink Alstroemeria
Douglas Fir Pine
Seeded Eucalyptus Branches/Leaves

Although we ship to the above schedule of bouquets for the vast majority of the year, flowers can be somewhat unpredictable from year to year. Sometimes they flush or peak earlier or later than expected and we may need to either move that arrangement to another month or substitute it for another. It rarely happens, but if it does, you can rest assured that you'll receive a bouquet as equally magnificent as our originally scheduled shipment!
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